Hi, I'm a 27 year old computer scientist who loves programming, technology, science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, music, computer games, numbers, chess and a lot of other things I don't remember right now.

Feel free to check out my projects below and give me feedback if you like.


Bachelor Thesis

In my final semester, I wrote my thesis about a datastructure called Trapezoidal Map, which is used to solve the point location problem. My job was to describe the contruction algorithm, implement it in Java, as well as analyze the algorithm's runtime.

You can see more of my work here

Javascript Tetris

Whenever I start to learn a new programming language like Javascript, I challenge myself with a little project that I can work towards. In this case the game Tetris came to my mind, so while I was trying to create Tetris, I learned the basics of Javascript, jQuery and CSS.

You can check it out here

Polygon Prison

This is an old game that I used to play on my Gameboy. I don't know what the game is called, but I still know how the game worked. The framework I used for this game was p5.js, a powerful library for creating sketches in canvas elements. The game may not resemble the original to 100% but if anybody recognizes this game and knows its name, please contact me!

Have fun playing the game!